Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Welcome Back!!!

I am so excited to see the amazing things my young artists will create this year! 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Keith Haring in the Second Grade

Our second graders are planning a takeover of the Lower School!  Be on the lookout for our larger than life self portraits celebrating the life and work of graffiti artist Keith Haring. We began by looking at and discussing Haring’s style and themes, tracing ourselves on large paper, and paining in the figures and backgrounds.  And with the amount of love, cooperation and kindness in the room, I’m positive there could be no greater tribute to an artist who’s work focused on these very things.   

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Rocking the Icons

Fourth graders are continuing with their Byzantine icons and they are AMAZING! The students have really captured the Byzantine style with their figures and colors. But it is their personalization with their individual symbols to represent themselves that I love.  From halos shaped like Mickey ears to legos and sports equipment- fourth grade is nothing short of ICONIC. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Painting: It's Not Just for Brushes

Most of our Upper School classes are (and will be for the next few weeks) continuing on their long-term projects. 

** Several US students are having difficulty choosing a photo to copy for their projects. While I have more than enough for them to choose in the classroom, many have said they'd like to pick one at home, print it out, and bring it in. This is fine, but THEY MUST BRING IT TO CLASS OR RISK FALLING BEHIND

The following grades are in need of:

6 - a color photo for their watercolor painting

7 and 8 - (preferably but not essential) a black and white photo for their pen and inks and pencil drawings respectively.  They may use a color photo; it will just be easier to see the various values of black, white, and grey starting with a black and white one. 

PK3- Our youngest artists learned about their senses and did a project that encompassed 4 of the 5 (not taste). We tinted white paint with fall spices that tickled our noses, experienced touch by painting with our fingers and improving our fine motor skills, we listened to instructions, and looked at our pasted pieces! 

PK4- Fall corn was made in shades of red, orange, brown, and yellow. We copied the bumpy corn texture not with brushes, but with Legos!  What will we think of next?! 

KINDERGARTEN- Continuing with our fall theme, Kindergarten made oversized tree scenes and added sponge-painted leaves!

GRADE 1-  What a nice, relaxing art class we had! The students and I sat together and colored oversized leaves with bright patterns and colors which will be hung together on a huge tree in the hallway. Be on the lookout!

GRADE 2- The students created beautiful leaves on highly absorbent dippity do paper and experimented with blending water colors. 

GRADE 3-  They are continuing their Heather Galler landscapes. Most have completed their initial sketches and have moved onto color. 

GRADE 4- The self portraits in the style of Byzantine icons are really coming along. The students' imitation of the Byzantine figure style combined with their own modern-day symbolism really shows their grasp of the genre and their amazing sense of creativity. I'm truly impressed (but not surprised as this class consistently exceeds expectations!) by their progress. 

GRADE 5- Most have completed their summer selfies. These students have had a fun summer! Look for the projects in the upper school hallway soon! 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Off and Running (Well... more like drawing!)

The SJS artists have jumped right back into art for the new school year!

All students in grades K-8 have colored in their section of the "Art is Awesome" bulletin board outside the cafeteria.  This is a work in progress mural being completed by all members of the St. Joseph School family: students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents.  PLEASE STOP BY THE ART ROOM FOR CRAYONS TO COMPLETE YOUR SECTION OF OUR MASTERPIECE AND SIGN YOUR NAME!

Here's a glimpse of some of the things covered in the wonderful world of Art this week:

PK3 made apple trees and enhanced their beginner fine motor skills in coloring and pasting.

PK4 created some crazy-eyed owls in honor of Mr. Langan's favorite animal.

Kindergarten discussed being a special individual while being a part of a family.  Each student drew their self portrait on a puzzle piece (and we took the opportunity to work on our people-drawing skills as well!).  Together with pictures made by myself and Miss Lee, their puzzle pieces will be assembled into a group work entitled "We All Fit Together" celebrating individuality, acceptance, and inclusion.

Grade 1 also augmented their human figure skills with portraits of themselves on their first day of art.  They made frames with their name, the date, and their height in inches (we measured!).  They will draw themselves again on the last day of art, be measured, and we can see how they've grown, literally and artistically!

Grades 2 and 5 are working on pictures of their best summer selfie - a scene of themselves in their favorite summer experience.  We took sample selfies in class and discussed how a figure should look when photographing himself/herself, and had a great talk about all the wonderful things everybody did this summer.

Grade 3 looked at colorful landscapes by the artist Heather Galler.  We discussed how her art looks different than realistic landscapes because of her use of fantastic color and pattern.  Students began working on their own versions of these vibrant works.

Grade 4 continued the self portrait theme but in their own version of Byzantine icons.  We looked at examples of icons and examined the elongated Byzantine figures, oversized eyes, and patterned hair and drapery.  We also touched on symbolism and how figures were able to be identified by objects placed in the picture with them.  They just began their own Byzantine self portraits in this new style, and are including their own symbolism.

Grade 6 chose pictures for their first watercolor paintings and began their initial sketches.

Grade 7 discussed the difference between drawing with a pen and a pencil.  I also demonstrated hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling techniques with pen.  They are in the process of choosing black and white photos for their pen and inks.

Grade 8 began the pretest component of this trimester's focus on value (recreating various shades of black, white, and grey).  We began by sketching simple 3-dimensional geometric shapes, rendering the object's shadow, and showing the effects of light on the object.  Students will be working on a black and white pencil drawing.  They might want to bring in a photo/printed picture from home to copy or choose something I have in the Art Room.

Monday, September 26, 2016

First Grade Masterpiece of Many Colors!

Last week the first grade class decorated leaves for this giant, floor-to-ceiling tree. Each student created two leaves, and they were so focused on the task at hand that I got to make some leaves, too!  They began with leaves in fall colors of red, green, orange and yellow. While working we reviewed concepts introduced last year, such as patterning and symmetry. Students were given the option to make a whole drawing on each leaf or to do a symmetrical pattern. I sketched out a bare tree on large, rolled paper, and the class colored the multicolored bark. 

Finally, we emphasized how each individual leaf was unique and special, but by displaying them as a group, we made a masterpiece together!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Big trees for our littlest artists!

PK3 worked on a lot of big art themes with their first art project- apple trees! We focused on fine motor skills and following directions. They made long, vertical lines on their tree trunks to look like bark, and curly lines to look like leaves. Then they used glue sticks (a first for some of our pre-k students!) to paste on rectangles in various shades of green, and of course- apples! Here's to a long, successful career in art for our youngest SJS class!